I had to do it

I had to get out of the muggy city and head to the coast.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE London in the summertime; people cramming into the sunny spots in parks & gardens, Pimms & cider galore, open air theatre, BBQs, games of rounders in the park – basically anything and everything we do to maximise our time outside.  But it has been sooooo hot I just wanted to dip my toes in the sea, or catch a sea breeze.  Where do so many Londoners head to for their seaside experience? Brighton!
I aimed to miss the hoards of people and went yesterday, figuring a weekday before the schools break up would allow me some peace and space on the beach.  Luckily I have a friend who has recently moved back to Brighton after several years as a high-flying lawyer in the city so she knew a lovely back walk down to a quieter part of the beach, plus the best ice-cream shop to stop in for a delicious sorbet!  
There wasn’t even an inkling of a sea breeze to be had but it was still a delightful day.
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2 Responses to I had to do it

  1. Kim Koller says:

    Sounds lovely. Did you walk far?


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