my new office

It’s very strange creating my own, new, daily & weekly schedule after years of having one set for me by various work demands.  It is taking a bit of getting used to and lots of self-discipline which I have never been very good at!  Suddenly I have all the time in the world to accomplish those diversions and excursions that I’ve wanted to try, but then there is a niggling guilt of spending my savings on such ‘trivial’ and selfish things.  I have to remind myself that that is exactly what I have set out to do.
I have been waking at 7:30 each morning, checking my accumulating social media (which seems to involve an inordinate amount of my time and attention), and then thinking about what to do with each day.  I have created a ‘work space’ for myself to help me focus, including a pin-board with various words and images to keep me motivated & inspired propped behind my laptop.  However, with all the sunshine we’ve been having I have been tempted outside occasionally…just to enjoy a coffee break of course!
blog office
With a trip to the Lake District this coming weekend I am sure the weather will change and the regular rain and cold of a typical British summer will return.  With it I shall be sheltering inside but searching out inspiration and trying not to succumb to that which I covet.  Except chocolate.  Dark chocolate is always allowed.
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