clouds in the bathroom

I awoke yesterday wanting to feel that I’d accomplished something at the end of the day, wanting to create something physical with my hands. So I put up some wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling.  I have been meaning to try it for months but always found something else to do instead (such a fantastic procrastinator).  I’ve never wallpapered a ceiling before and it was a bit tricky constantly looking upwards.  Just to test my skill I had to navigate the light pull, the central light and wonky walls!  Matching the fine lines in the design I’d chosen was probably not the ideal start for working on a ceiling, making me dizzy as I balanced on the edge of the bath.  But take a look for yourself at the results; I now have clouds in my bathroom. Proud!
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4 Responses to clouds in the bathroom

  1. rubyfoot says:

    that looks stunning. painting ceilings is bad enough, but wallpaper….o my, I am truly impressed


  2. Laura Sage says:

    Yay, it looks great. I’m impressed with your skills!!


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