keep your ankle raised to help stop swelling

On location last week to create lifestyle photos and the results are beautiful, they show off the collection so well.  I have more behind the scenes snaps but they will have to wait until the collection is launched in January. 
Following such a busy week I jumped on a train to Devon to visit my mum.  In store was a beautiful warm and sunny weekend, unpredictable for the month of October and just perfect for walking along the seaside.  Then I promptly sprained my ankle!  I don’t even have a glamorous story to describe how I did it as I simply got up off a chair with a foot that had fallen asleep and stood on it at a funny angle.  Genius.  So I’ve been keeping it raised and using frozen peas to keep the swelling down but suffice to say hobbling around is not enjoyable!  With my walking restricted the camera hasn’t had much opportunity to be used.  This is the perfect time to search online for another course to enroll in.  I’m not exactly sure what I want to do (there are so many things I want to try I find it hard to decide) but with all the different universities and night schools and part-time study courses in London I must be able to find something which is a good fit.  Here’s to a speedy recovery!!
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