sneaky coastal trip

It was only the English Riviera but the glorious weather made me feel transported  further-a-field and the sea breeze (ok it did later turn into a gale) swept away my city cobwebs. 
I love getting away to the coast every now and again, and there is nothing quite like the British seaside.  Especially once all the summer crowds have returned home and the towns close in, preparing for winter.  Growing up by the seaside has gifted me with more than a fondness for walking along the beach in the crisp cold, the wind whipping my hair, scarf and coat wrapped tight and not another person in sight.  I love it when the grockles have gone and it’s my beach again, populated by the occasional dog walker and of course the blasted seagulls.   
I was treated to beautiful winter blue skies, with such a lovely light quality.  Such a pleasure to practice some of my photography skills.
blue horizon
fishing baskets
fishing pots and boats lightbulbs in sky 
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