new faces in old places

I lived in Brixton, South London for seven or eight years and moved away, a mere few miles up the road, a couple of years ago.  In that short time Brixton has exploded with ‘cool’, interesting restaurants, bars and boutiques are springing up in the new Village market area.  There’s a Farmer’s Market on a Sunday and arguably one of the best coffees to be had in London, not just south of the river.  There is still enough of the real daily food and home wares market keeping it rough around the edges and the smells of the numerous fishmongers and butchers still mingle along Electric Avenue and Atlantic Road.  My old flatmates & I had to make do with Joy as the only option for a last minute Saturday night outfit (back when it was an unusual boutique and not the bland chain it has become); when the Topshop section in Morley’s opened it was very exciting!
Inside the covered market I was pleased to note Etta’s Seafood Kitchen is still around, but a boutique I’d not seen before caught my eye.  The Keep stocks ethical fashion, from brands like Komodo, Made UK and Bibico.  The selected pieces are all simple and stylish and the current collection is perfect for the layering season with beautifully crafted knits.  I’m coveting this cosy jumper…
imageCAQ5CEMDand this
imageCA10JEWVEven better is the gorgeous presentation within the shop, big tree branches hold the hangers in place, an old cherry picker’s ladder is used for display and the wooden cabinet in the window holds an old stage spotlight amongst the beautiful accessories.  It all serves to create a very charming store which I’m sure I will continue to visit & covet!
Take a look for yourself
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2 Responses to new faces in old places

  1. It’s fab. We head there every sunday to take the offspring iceskating and browse in the market afterwards..urban, but different x


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