my kind of pet

I took my old film Pentax out for a walk yesterday.  I’ve recently had it serviced so I wanted to shoot a roll of film and check the results.  Of course, the old fashioned way is to wait for the prints to come back, and if any are suitable I’ll use the negatives or I’ll re-shoot them on black and white film and develop them in a darkroom myself.  In the meantime I’m waiting.  It’s quite exciting and reminds me of when I was younger (pre digital cameras) and would send away a film and eagerly await the photos to be posted back to me.  Back then I could have a whole film printed for 99p!  Bargain.trees in winter sun It was a sparkling sunny day with the clear blue winter sky which can seem almost white at times.  I headed for the park, somewhere quiet and where I could easily play with angles of shots and the afternoon light.  I hadn’t bargained on the biting cold wind and although I was adequately wrapped up my ungloved hands were freezing and my toes were starting to go numb by the time I headed home!
As I arrived the afternoon sun was slanting through the trees, the park was peaceful and there were still some of those startling colours mother nature can conjure up in Autumn; gold, ochre, ruby red, yellows, bronze and rusty pinks.  It truly is a sensational display. Pagoda pink red leaves 1 pink red leaves 2I don’t yet know what I captured on film but these digital shots suggest how the light was falling and hints at the spectacular, rich colours all around.  Hopefully I’ll be able to scan a few of the film shots in the future and compare the two mediums.Tree and Leaves

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  2. I for one would be interested to see the comparison.. x


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