a comparison

I recently took myself off to the park and shot a roll of film on my Pentax.  I took a few digital shots as well that day so that I could draw a comparison between the two mediums using the same light conditions.  (https://covetandinspire.com/2013/11/15/my-kind-of-pet-2/)  I received the prints from the roll of film and scanned in the images below.  No playing around on photoshop, just as they printed.  The film I used was at least 12 years old so all of the photos have an unnatural pinky red hue to them, but I quite like it!
sunlight & trees
sparse leaves
external stairs
autumn leaves
sunlit bench
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4 Responses to a comparison

  1. btenoir says:

    love the warmth in this photo. I really like how the photo is a bit grainy and the pink tones really bring out the warmth. Lovely scene!


  2. They look like they are bathed in magic mediterranean light! Lovely.. x


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