“a furnace of creativity”

The Troubadour is a London institution for live music on an intimate scale.  Based at the ‘edgy’ end of Chelsea near Earl’s Court it’s unassuming Cafe frontage hides a basement bar full of atmosphere and history.  
Opened in 1954 amid a coffee house revival the Troubadour has played host to some serious talent over the years and reading the list on their website is an awe inducing experience; Bob Dylan (his first London gig), Sammy Davis jnr and Jimi Hendrix amongst many revered others.  The artistic atmosphere of the Troubadour created a welcoming place for the Black Panthers to gather, and provided the ideal venue for the Ban the Bomb meetings to be held.  Such a place is steeped in history, I can’t believe my first visit was last night!  How have I never made it there before?
Invited by the band CeCe and the Howlers to photograph their gig I made my way west.  I descended to the basement to be confronted with a buzzing crowd, eager to huddle round the little tables and appreciate the acts lined up for the evening.  With CeCe and the Howlers due on at 10pm this gave me the opportunity to have a look round and soak up the atmosphere.  It might be looking a bit tired in places but the Troubadour still knows how to show us a good time.
Troubadour rose Troubadour underground Troubadour vinyl
As CeCe and the Howlers shared their rocky blues I snapped away, experimenting in the artificial light which bathed the band in an orange hue.  More pics will be on their Facebook page soon but here are some as a taster:
CeCe_Howlers_Troubadour_1 CeCe_Howlers_Troubadour_4 CeCe_Howlers_Troubadour_5
Check out their Facebook page for more photos and upcoming gigs:
For more info about the Troubadour and it’s amazing history take a look at their website:
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