a camera phone adventure

Bath Christmas Market, the ideal meeting place for myself from London and a friend who lives in Exeter, Devon.  It was a cold sunny day, with a beautiful light bouncing off the Bath Stone buildings.  With only my camera phone to capture the sights and sounds, this is what I discovered….
Bath Christmas Market is unlike the pseudo German markets popping up in increasing numbers each year; it is predominantly local produce (although we did spot some Moroccan Lanterns & Scottish Wool items) gifts, crafts, drink and food stuffs, mostly sourced, designed or manufactured in Somerset & Devon, with these delicious choccies made just a few hundred metres from the market!Bath Chocolates
Armed with some warming mulled wine, my friend & I set off.  Visiting on a weekday was ideal as the stupendous weekend crowds mean it can be impossible to even see into some of the traditional chalet style stalls, but we were treated to a pleasant amble, sipping and chatting and admiring the handicrafts of some very talented people.  Obviously I was ostensibly looking for gifts but was somewhat distracted; I particularly liked this jewellery by Sally Haysom, a company called myBear Hands.  Based on her illustrations these pieces were fun and unique and very difficult to walk away from.
myBear Hands_3myBear Hands_2 myBear Hands_1I loved this wellie idea too by a company called Straysparks:
There was a surfeit of cheese tasting in the market, all very yummy and matched by an array of pies and chutneys.
Fruit PiesI’m a huge fan of Christmas Pudding.  Georgie Porgie’s Puddings had a lemon & Pimms one which was zesty and light but I stuck with tradition and purchased one of their enormous traditional puds.  I hope I’ll have enough space after my turkey to indulge!Georgie Porgie
And of course there were lots of lovely Christmas decorations, for sale on the stalls and decorating the town & market, they even have a permanent December 25th store:
IMAG1573 IMAG1574
I found a perfect pine wreath which is now proudly adorning my front door, and purchased BOTH some chocolate wine which tasted like a sumptuous after dinner port option and some Sloe gin, made to a family recipe by a small company in South Wales. All in all it was a truly lovely & Christmassey day – as dusk fell we even saw the man himself!FC on the roof
 Santa Pantscut out art exercise drinkfoxy slippers IMAG1594
Visit the websites below for more details on the traders I’ve mentioned & the market itself:
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