weekend high jinx

I hate heights.  More specifically I’m terrified of edges, glass lifts, glass windows that go all the way to the floor and glass floors (glass is for windows, why do architects insist on specifying frosted glass on floors where I wish to confidently place my feet?).  Mostly I worry about my falling off an edge, crashing through one of those grand large windows (yes, I know they’re super reinforced blah blah blah) but I also worry when I see other people near a high edge in case they fall or jump off.  It just all makes me nervous.  I know it’s unreasonable but I can’t help it.  My palms get sweaty and I clench my fists, nails digging in, I suffer a hot flush and I have been known to entirely freeze.  
I think I’ve always been troubled by heights but I have tried to push myself to face this irrational fear and enjoy beautiful vistas.  Whenever I’ve been travelling I’ve made the effort; I’ve cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, I’ve been on the Skybridge up the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and to the Top of the Rock in New York;  I’ve even clambered upon some steep stepped temples in Cambodia and trekked up the Olgas near Uluru in Australia.  This all seems justified when I’m away, the sense that I may never have the opportunity to return so I must immerse myself in the country and all it offers.  This weekend I transferred this sense of adventure to London and went up 72 floors to The View at The Shard.  It was utterly spectacular.  It was the most beautiful sunny winter’s day, perfect for appreciating the view of London and the structure of the Shard; standing well back from the edge and the windows of course.
Shard_1 Shard_2 Shard_3 Shard_4 Shard_5 Shard_6 Shard_7 Shard_8 Shard_9 Shard_10
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