glove love

I have yet to find the perfect pair of gloves.  My hands are always cold and gloves are an essential in my winter wardrobe but somehow, for all the gloves I have owned thus far I do not have a single pair which does the job of both style and warmth.
I have large hands; they can reach a full octave on a piano and I have to wear the large (man size) marigolds.  This has generally meant that beautiful, dainty gloves are out of the question; my fingers are too long and then the gloves only reach part way up my palm. Not exactly ideal for keeping my hands warm.  Even when I have found gloves that fit there seems to be an issue with durability.  Gloves are designed to be worn outside on cold days, contact with doors, umbrellas, keys or whatever else I normally need my hands for.  Why are gloves not able to cope with these demands and instead they seem to disintegrate before my very eyes!  I bought the most beautiful bright red possum fur pair when I was in New Zealand in March.  I wore them on my return as the UK winter continued well into April.  I tried them the other week and the tiniest of holes grew exponentially within a few minutes until I had a (granted very handy for retrieving money & operating my phone) hole in the finger.  They are so soft and lovely and now I will have to darn the hole.  With pink as I don’t have any red thread.


A few years ago my mother bought me these gorgeous purple leather gloves, they look very smart and they actually fit, well, like a glove.  But they don’t keep my hands warm.  At all.
I have unintentionally collected an array of gloves, many of which have holes & marks and which I wouldn’t wear again.  I love the fingerless pair a friend’s mum knitted for me, but they are fingerless, their very name highlights a vital flaw for wearing beyond the beginnings of autumn.  
My collection serves as a reminder of what has failed me.  Perhaps Father Christmas will deliver me a new pair tonight!
Merry Christmas everyone!gloves_5 gloves_4 gloves_3 gloves_2 gloves_1
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4 Responses to glove love

  1. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas..maybe the perfect gloves are under the tree now? Or in a certain sleigh??! x


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