reflection and hope

So it’s 2014.  The start of a new year.  The transition from one year to the next is traditionally a time for contemplation; thoughts of what have I achieved this year?  What are my hopes for the year to come?  As I look back on 2013 I have mixed emotions.  
2013 began with my thoughts and hopes of quitting my job & building my creative output, a readiness to sample new experiences.   I also had an amazing trip to New Zealand planned with a chance to catch up with friends (the trip was ostensibly for a wedding) and then to explore the South Island with friends flying in from Sydney.  All very exciting indeed!   I was knocked sideways by a family tragedy, but the human instinct to survive never ceases to amaze me.  As I absorbed the glorious vistas in New Zealand I made thanks each day for the strength to be alive and witness a wonderful sight everywhere we went.  On my return I focused on how I would fill my time once full-time employment was ended and I made promises and plans to appreciate and enjoy life.  More bad family news threatened to overwhelm me but I took solace in the fact that it coincided with my  freedom from the working week, which could be turned into extra family visits.  Before 2013 I wouldn’t have described myself as a ‘cup half full’ positive kind of person, but this year has changed me more than I can say.  
As the year progressed I changed my life, possibly irreversibly, certainly for the better.  I revived my love of working with a camera, I pushed myself to learn new things like how to blog and I relied on myself to structure my week and use my time wisely. I have seen numerous exhibitions but the one that stands out has to be Memory Palace at the V&A; an absorbing and totally inspiring work of art.  I have used my savings to enrich my life and as a consequence will remain a renter (lottery win the alternative option) and I do not regret this decision.  More courses and learning beckon for 2014 and the possibility of finding work with a more creative remit is enticing me.  
The struggles of 2013 have been balanced by invaluable experiences, and as I move forward I feel calmer and recognise an inner strength I haven’t felt before.  I am so happy & lucky to have my support network of friends and family and I truly cherish them.  I don’t believe in a supreme being to be thankful to, but I am thankful.  Thankful for friends’ patience when I have lost mine, thankful for the shoulders to cry on and the laughter we have shared, for the evenings danced away and the espresso martinis consumed!  
I embrace 2014 and I promise to myself to love life, to see and acknowledge the beauty of each day.  
My mother once sent me a quote which I feel is apt for 2014: “Do not squander energy in the foolish pursuit of the inconsequential”.  A more eloquent “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.  
Here is to the next year, to opportunities and memories yet to be created and the joys of everyday life.
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5 Responses to reflection and hope

  1. Here’s to a very special, very productive 2014! xxx


  2. Sue says:

    How beautiful and eloquent your words are.
    You are a truly special human being- I feel privileged to know you.


  3. I’m glad you started blogging because you’re a talented writer. Happy New Year, brave one!! 🙂


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