feeling blu?

Whilst enjoying a wander round the city looking for inspiration for my photo assignment I stumbled upon the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Store; nestled between the grey and glass of the city and fighting for attention from the various sandwich and coffee shops is this bright, modern and colourful gem.  
IMAG1858_1Featuring entrepreneurs who have been backed by the Prince’s Trust Tomorrow Campaign, focusing on helping young people develop their business ideas, the store offers a range of goods including clothing, ceramics, textiles, stationery and jewellery.  Each brand has a small section with business cards & details next to their wares and I was thrilled with the beautiful craftsmanship and design on display.  I particularly fell for this jewellery by Sarah Marafie’s Boodi Blu, melding together reclaimed ceramics with silver & gold. I love these truly individual pieces:
Find out more about the store at http://www.princes-trust.org.uk/the_tomorrow_campaign/store.aspx
For details about the glorious Boodi Blu jewellery designs check out Sarah’s website: http://boodiblu.com/page/home
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1 Response to feeling blu?

  1. This jewellery is really beautiful! I love the ceramic details! xoxo


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