street photography assignment

In the past this hasn’t been my favourite topic for photos.  I think I’ve mentioned before how uncomfortable & intimidated I feel sneaking up on people on the street or approaching them and explaining what I’m doing.  I love many works captured on the street; photographers like Helen Levitt, William Klein and Phillip-Lorca diCorcia who each demonstrate a different attitude to the street.  And of course the master, Henri Cartier Bresson who had the patience and vision to watch and wait for the perfect moment.  With these great works in mind I set out on a rainy London day to see what the streets would offer me.
I surprised myself by how differently I approached this topic from my previous attempt six months ago; I was far calmer and took my time thinking about each scene, allowing myself to see what was in front of me and not rush through it.  I’m far happier with my results and feel more confident to attempt this again in the future.  I think it helped that I have access to a better lens, which allows me to sit in a cafe and observe daily life, capturing interesting photos without disturbing a natural scene by being visible.  
Whilst waiting for a break in the rain I tried some slow shutter speeds on Oxford Street:
Feet on the pavement Bus and Bike   
And as the rain finally paused I walked along the South Bank, and I wasn’t the only person enjoying the momentary dry spell:
Break in the Rain_2There’s something about this shot that I find pleasing, I’m not sure what exactly but I’m just really happy with it.  The slight under-exposure reflects the moody, cloudy day it was and the texture on the right counters the puddles reflecting on the left.  What do you think?
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  1. Awesome photos!! I love them, great shots!


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