a bit hectic

It’s all getting a bit hectic!  Which is a good thing I guess.  Following a busy week last week where I was called in at the last minute to help a stylist on a photo shoot of a well-known comedian (photos soon – after publication), I’ve now lined up some digital freelance work for the next 4-6 weeks but in the middle of that I have another lifestyle photo shoot booked in and a trip to Morocco!  I still have half my photography course at Central Saint Martins to complete as well, which means weekly assignments to make time for. 
I can’t decide what I’m most excited about; that I’m starting to pick up bits of work, including another photo shoot or that after exactly 12 months since my last trip abroad I am off to somewhere with sunshine and spices!
I have found time to read Susie Bubble’s blog on Mary Katranzou’s SS14 and I love the new direction, I especially want to see more of this dress:
No time for trawling through all the coverage of NYFW or LFW, I shall make do with this sneaky peak backstage and lust after this beautiful creation.
After last week’s photo course assignment only got as far as a story board idea (to be fully imagined at a later date) I am determined to complete this week’s assignment; the cityscape.  Living in London and loving texture & architecture in my images I feel like this should be straightforward.  I do, however, need to stretch myself, take an approach that is different from normal and explore my creativity.  
The work ‘River Series’ by Naoya Hatakeyama is truly stunning, evoking both a sense of calm and intrigue:
naoya-hatakeyama-earth-10 naoya-hatakeyama-earth-09
I’m inspired by the work of Sohei Nishino and would love to see these collages in a gallery, so I could enjoy their true scale and dimension.  This diorama of London incredible:
Perhaps I’ll try this method for my cityscape assignment.
 View these images and more from these photographers here:
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