a room with a view

Wow!  High up in the Heron Tower there is the most spectacular view of London.  In my previous job I was based on an industrial estate in north London so being bang in the middle of the city is a brand new experience for me and a totally different world.  As are new offices where everything works and gleans with cleanliness.  There’s even a fancy coffee machine to keep me going all day!  Which is needed as the work I’ve been doing is post production – ensuring images are website ready.  The items in the images are machine parts so incredibly intricate.  The work is basic but I’m enjoying it, and it’s great to be utilising some of my new photographic and post production skills.
As I’m freelancing and need to make a good impression I thought I’d better not spend all day photographing the view…. but I did take a few cheeky snaps with my phone so you can get an idea:
IMAG1948 IMAG1943 copy IMAG1952 IMAG1945
To alleviate my terror of heights & glass lifts my security pass calls an enclosed lift – with a frosted glass floor!  Eeeeek!
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