long overdue blogpost

I don’t have an excuse really, just simply that I chose to go out socialising last week and attended my final photography course class instead of updating my blog.  Then the weekend arrived, the excitement of collecting my first (old & battered) car distracted me yet again.  And so, I am now making time to reverse the neglect.  
A couple of weeks ago, immediately upon my return from Morocco, I plunged into a week revolving around a 3 day lifestyle photo shoot on location.  With the final preparations made on Monday the rest of the week was spent in a beautiful home in sunny Peckham.  On a quiet square, down a quiet road, I couldn’t believe we were in Peckham; more usually associated with busy Rye Lane and Frank’s car park rooftop bar.  Blessed with mild spring weather we even managed to break for lunch at the garden table!  A total of 13 shots to be completed meant a hard slog was required, lots of carrying props up and down stairs and of course layers and layers of wallpaper.  For one shot 4 walls in a room wasn’t enough (I’ve had to hide the yet to be released wallpaper):
The house we were in was full of interesting objects and beautiful shapes:
the loo
So we transformed the walls and the process is best described as organised chaos with props in different rooms across all floors of the house:
So now the collection photos are in post production and when the collection is launched in September I’ll share some more photos which include the new wallpapers.
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