caffeine high?

I’m a bit of a coffee addict and wanna be aficionado.  I’ve been somewhat obsessed with enjoying a decent coffee after living in Australia for a year and becoming a regular ‘short mac’ drinker.  At the time I was on at least three of these a day which equates to six espresso shots.  These days, however, I restrict myself to one coffee a day: so it needs to be a good one!  I’m always trying new independent coffee shops in London and have my favourite haunts where I know I can rely on a tasty hit.  
It was The London Coffee Festival at the weekend so this was the perfect opportunity to learn and taste from the experts.  There was beautiful machinery on display and genuine passion from many of the stall holders we encountered.
The first of many….. yum
hands at workNot sure this roaster would fit in my kitchen…
Coffee Cups
coffee side
 There was coffee themed art:
art shot_2 art shot
This skilled Italian explained the inner workings of a La Marzocco machine and the two separate water tanks for pressure & steam, his enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious:
coffeemachine_3 coffeemachine_2 coffeemachine_1
The first of it’s kind in Europe; a very snazzy pressure filter:
snazzy filter 
And as we were leaving, giddy with excitement (possibly a side effect of the numerous free tasters) these words of wisdom illustrated how the love of coffee can easily be adapted into everyday life:
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  1. I really think the quality of coffee in London as gone sky high… xxx


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