The Tate posters on the tube describe the Henri Matisse exhibition as simply ‘unmissable’.  I couldn’t agree more!  
 Tate turbine hall
I have no formal art training, as soon as my art teacher could remove me from class he did and I stopped nurturing my ‘talent’ (truly terrible at anything resembling drawing or sketching) at about age fourteen.  I’ve never felt this as a loss but on realising just how important cut-outs were at the end of Matisse’s life and how prolific they were, it struck me that I had indeed missed out on some basic art education.  I hadn’t even realised that his Blue Nudes, of which my mother has had a postcard on display for years, was a cut-out; I’d assumed it was a painting.  I felt like a dunce.  And then the Tate exhibit took me through the cut-outs and I swooned, surrounded by such simple beauty it didn’t matter at all whether I had known about his technique before.  Each room offered up a colourful, textural feast for the eyes with the scale of his work surprising me as I made my way from room to room.  With each step I took discovering Matisse’s use of cut-outs for planning, to his acceptance of their beauty as the final artwork, I fell a little bit more in love.  There was some accompanying film footage of the man in action and I glimpsed the passion behind this great artist, passion that overflowed and helped him continue working well after his health deteriorated.  
 Tate shop
What a treat, I could have bought all the postcards to try and savour my emotions upon seeing the work but what I really wanted was a whole wall covered in his algae like creations.  A truly inspirational trip to the Tate Modern this week.  
(No photography allowed inside so you’ll have to go and check it out yourself)
Tate side Tate white sky Tate members bar
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