what a weekend

I hate networking & I’m rubbish at it.  I’m just not confident when the occasion requires me to approach people and start up a conversation – even when an event is specifically for networking and I’m aware that many other attendees are solo and nervous.  I believe, however, that life is all about pushing yourself & testing your boundaries so when I saw the opportunity to attend Blogtacular where the keynote speaker would be Joy Cho (whose book Blog Inc gave me the confidence to start blogging last year) I decided to go for it.  And I’m so glad I did!
Friday night arrived and I made my way to the Royal Institute in Mayfair for Blogtacular to kick off with drinks & Joy Cho.  I had no idea what to expect, who I might meet and whether I would find the various workshops and speakers throughout the day on Saturday interesting, but I knew I had to open myself to the opportunity.  Turns out it didn’t take me long to relax and find some interesting bloggers to chat to.  And everyone I spoke with was so friendly, equally unsure of what to expect from Blogtacular’s inaugural event.  Friday night whizzed by, Joy was inspiring and reassuring and then Saturday was jam packed with speakers so I had to take a punt on which ones I’d like to hear.  Everyone I heard was informative and enthusiastic, inspiring me to stay on the path of creativity.
i was here
I enjoyed the photo walk, Xanthe had provided colourful balloons and temporary tattoos for us to play with, not sure the Mayfair locals were ready for us on a Saturday morning:
colours posh doorway balloon shadows runaway boy with balloon photographer at work line up
Check out the Blogtacular website and sign up to the newsletter to catch the speakers online soon: http://blogtacular.com/philosophy/
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4 Responses to what a weekend

  1. katmolesworth says:

    Thank you so much for pushing through your nerves and coming to Blogtacular. You helped make the atmosphere awesome x


  2. vicki says:

    Love your pictures from the photo walk, kind of gutted that was one of the workshops I opted out of after seeing everyones gorgeously colourful shots!


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