creating a hangover then discovering inspiration in an airport

I’ve been away at a friend’s wedding, first in Cheshire and then in the Shetland islands via a few nights in Scotland. Such an amazing trip meeting fabulous people and partying hard.
moss drystone wall Cairngorms1
The day we arrived in Shetland was foggy but then the weather proceeded to stun everyone and we explored gorgeous white sandy beaches, scraggy, weather beaten cliff edges and met some of the local seabirds.

Shetland1 Shetland2
There is a rich Nordic history on the islands and we explored Brochs, a settlement dating back to Neolithic time and some more recent castles.
Shetland5The one morning I arose before the others and walked out of Lerwick town and along the cliff path. I was greeted with the most tranquil and calm sea, looking out to Bressay island. I could hear the sea gently lapping against the rocks. The light was beautiful; petrol grey clouds over the sea creating moody stripes on the surface of the water but then bright light into the horizon pouring down in the far distance.
On Saturday evening we were treated to a traditional wedding Hamefarin with dancing, eating & drinking. Lots of fun!
For more info on the islands’ heritage:
My departure from Shetland was somewhat tinged with sadness as it may be months or years until I see the newlyweds again (they are off to Shanghai), and such a fabulous time was spent exploring and making friends and meeting some of the groom’s family. And as much of the time was spent partying well past the extended daylight hours and into the dawn, I was somewhat fragile travelling home; unsure whether to sleep or eat or both. As I waited in Aberdeen airport for my next flight I discovered an amazing new magazine, well it’s new to me. And I have been missing out! I was initially attracted by the beautiful portrait on the front cover…
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 21.36.38…and then upon opening each page I was presented with a visual delight, intriguing and exciting me. If I were to create a magazine this would be exactly what I’d want to produce and their philosophy chimed with me as well: “keep your curiosity sacred”. Needless to say I devoured ‘oh comely’ from cover to cover during my flight and my hangover was promptly kicked to the side. Stories & photographs, interviews & illustrations, plus some recipes and just general fun kept me entertained until the seatbelt sign was off and it was time to disembark. CRUSH.
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 21.27.10
Take a look for yourself:
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