yummy afternoon tea

Every now and then the opportunity to indulge arises and I welcome it with open arms – or in this case with an empty stomach!
This time yesterday I was savouring the taste of myriad of treats at Sketch restaurant in playful & amusing dishes designed by David Shrigley.  I love David Shrigley’s work, his sense of humour just chimes with me, so 200 new works on the walls to chuckle at over afternoon tea was enchanting.  With just my phone camera to hand this is a hint of the delights experienced:
IMAG2374 IMAG2373
And no visit to Sketch is complete without a trip to the snazzy toilets!
IMAG2383 IMAG2386 IMAG2387
For more details click on the link below:
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1 Response to yummy afternoon tea

  1. ofspringandsummer says:

    Good to meet you too at Clifton Nurseries and Jane’s lovely shop. xx


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