job opportunity

I’ve had this post languishing, incomplete, in my drafts folder for a few weeks.  As the post explains my creative time has been somewhat limited by a return to a working week structure.  But there is a balance; I’m still not working 5 days a week so in theory I will have time for gallery visits, inspiration & creativity, photo walks and of course my blog. In practice, becoming inspired doesn’t always happen within a few hours and life generally takes over. 
I’ve been distracted by a few friends’ weddings, a brief tour of Scotland & Shetland and the recent trip to Tuscany all of which has meant I’ve not quite managed to settle into my new routine for creativity just yet. It is, however, exciting to be embracing my new role. The job is part creative and part organisation, building on my project management past & my photographic present.  It’s working with a very well known luxury wallpaper company, in their design studio, producing their photo shoots for each collection and overseeing the new collection process.  This means I’ve already had the opportunity to style a small shoot (collection due in September so photos to follow) and I’ll be helping the Creative Director with the styling for the next shoot, sourcing the location & props and working closely with the photographer to ensure we achieve the best possible results.  I’ve even been utilising my newly developed post production skills. 
I’m sure Dolly would approve of my return to work
It’s funny how life happens; just a few weeks after writing about the decisions we make in life ( I was offered a job and a decision had to be made.  
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