can you covet a city?

Somewhat jet-lagged I am back in Blighty, struggling through the post-holiday blues.  What can I say about the Californian city that has captured my heart?  It made me feel rejuvenated, I have come back with a spring in my step and ideas buzzing through my head.  Granted, some of those ideas involve wild plans to return to San Francisco; to live, to work, I don’t know!  To be a part of that vibrant city, bubbling full of creativity and design.  But some ideas will remain with me in London, keeping me going as the days grow shorter, and summer turns to autumn and to winter.  
Looking at my photos takes me through all the different places my friend & I visited and the fun we had discovering & falling in love with San Fran.  It is such a varied, lively city with chilled out cafe cool neighbourhoods, edgy warehouse based design companies, a bustling tourist trap on the wharf, a clean and efficient civic centre and much more.  It was so interesting to wander through the different areas and see what each had to offer, and such a great feeling to be taking photos again, it really had been too long.    
(Thanks to Vic for these shots of me concentrating as I capture)
There is a lot of colour throughout the city with both brightly painted houses and murals covering huge swathes of walls:
house graffitti
Back gate graffitti red corner graffitti mosaic graffitti horse graffitti entrance graffitti downtown graffitti corner street graffitti Corner Graffitti clapboard graffitti carpark graffitti
The street decoration suggests pride from local residents, and even if the artwork isn’t exactly to your tastes it creates a dynamic atmosphere.  It is also indicative of the liberal stance the city is famous for.
The steep hills, the wooden houses, the parks and the beaches – they all add up to a marvellous city!
Francisco Street 
And of course, no visit to the Bay would be complete without a view of the Golden Gate Bridge – cycling over it was a test for my fear of heights!
Golden Gate Bridge closeup Golden Gate Bridge
 Until next time SF……
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  1. joshi daniel says:

    so much of art work 🙂


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