It’s Not You, It’s Me..

brilliant. just brilliant by It’s not me it’s you.

Maison Bentley Style


I love a brand that scoffs also helps if they’re independent, based in London, slightly mad and run by 3 ferocious, tongue-in-cheek, epigrammatic  gals.


Its not me its you was started by Billi, Jems and Kitty in 2012.21e6a1b78be3857d7e9747efeb006da734d9545c0aa4d62da403decd5ecab723

Everything they produce is made and printed by hand in East London.



In a world where it’s too easy to be suffocated by a toxic brew of Vacuous style and pumped up plastic their italian leather crafted with care is a pot of gold at the end of a shimmering rainbow…complete with whimsy and fantastical animals..



Visceral, witty and flawlessly presented, they’re a class act.


(I secretly reckon this one reads ‘Kate loves the fearless’..just for me…)


I snort at them..and raise my glass..that’s a few more presents ticked off the December list..

Laters, Kate x

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