duvet day

I really felt like taking a duvet day today; ignoring my alarm, crawling back under the covers and cosying up with my book.  It’s not even an amazing book I’m currently reading but it would help me stop time for a bit, forget about the world, recalibrate myself and find my focus again.  Well, it would at least allow me to stop thinking for a few hours, distracted by the life of a fictional character. 
After a hectic week last week on location for a huge lifestyle shoot (and I mean huge with some very large props to manoeuvre) I find my energy waning.  Perhaps it’s worsened by the now dark morning as I arise and the imminent dark winter days encroaching on my sunny disposition.  Ok, so I don’t really have a sunny disposition but you get my point.
Somehow I made it through the day.  I actually had to go to work, because that’s what grown-ups (who aren’t freelancing anymore) do.  But I was just simply going through the motions and couldn’t have described myself as ‘present’.  And certainly not inspired.  So what was distracting me?  I feel frustrated with myself, with so many ideas for projects swirling in my head but no application or effort to actually bring them to fruition.  Why?  Fear of failure would be the psychology 101 answer surely but is it really that basic?  That obvious? That mundane????  I feel bogged down by my new job, unable to squeeze my creativity into my time off.
I’m not even in the mood to make any dinner, the effort required to chop and fry or whatever just seems insurmountable.  Bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes instead……
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