seasonal style

It’s that time of year again; the temperature is dropping and the darkness is drawing in.  The clocks change this weekend….*shudder*
Each year I’m really funny about putting the heating on too early, I insist on wearing several layers, slippers, a scarf if necessary as I don’t want to be paying for and wasting energy whilst I waltz around in a t-shirt, and each year I try to get to November, or at least the end of October, before I succumb to enormous gas bills.  So when B&Q contacted me about their new Christmas collection I was delighted by their Scandi style throw, perfectly matched to my bright red sofa and luxuriously fleece lined (it’s so soft!), I thought it would be ideal for elegantly draping over my sofa – on hand to snuggle under as the temperature drops.  What do you think?
scandi throw_1scandi throw_2
I know the whole Scandi style and Nordic noir is nothing new in the fashion or television scene and it has filtered into interiors in a big way as well.  I spent many childhood summers with family in Sweden and admired the effortless, reserved style of the locals with both the way they dressed and their design led interior boutiques and museums, I shopped in Ikea before it became a UK staple and began a love for wooden and red Christmas decorations. 
 sofa_2 sofa_4
Here’s hoping I can last another week without the central heating!
For more ideas and inspiration from B&Q visit:
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