a #perfectstranger

I have signed up to be part of the #perfectstranger project that the magazine Oh Comely are running.  It’s a simple idea, sign up with a few details about yourself – helpful likes and dislikes, food allergies, international or UK based preferences.  Then wait to be paired with an unknown person who has also signed up.  Prepare a parcel of goodies and send it off by 24th November.  In return you will receive a parcel from a perfect stranger. 
Wrapping parcels always reminds me of ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’
perfect stranger_2
I was matched with someone called Dilys.  A very pretty, unusual name.  She specified her likes as vintage, old movies and vinyl records, cats and Christmas – which was tricky to cater for!  I went with a fun stress-busting game with a cat picture (she’s currently studying for exams), some luxury handcream perfect as the winter starts to bite, some delicious posh choccies and a few other bits and pieces.  Here is my parcel I’m about to post off, I hope she likes it: 
 perfect stranger_1
I wonder what I will receive in return?  Is that the postman I hear…..
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