Yes it’s that time of year and I have been joyously caught up with Christmas drinks, get-togethers and present shopping leaving me neglectful of my blog.  I have visited several gorgeous exhibitions in recent weeks as well, which have left me full of artistic inspiration which I hope to carry through to the new year.  Yikes 2015!  

Here’s a taster from the stunning Guy Bourdin at Somerset House (if I’d known photos were allowed I’d have taken my camera but it’s just my camera phone captures below):




These shots from his ‘Walking Legs’ campaign for Charles Jourdan clearly demonstrate his surreal influences which would have been developed as Man Ray’s protégé.  But the shots I really loved were the black and white ones he took in the 1980’s:




These images were still showcasing shoes and legs but I loved the gritty edge to his playful style.  Truly inspirational.

I also saw the beautiful Egon Schiele at the Courtauld Gallery.  His work was revolutionary at the time he made it (early 20th century) hence the exhibition’s name; ‘The Radical Nude’.  It was an exquisite collection of sketches, his line work and use of colour really struck and stayed with me. 

(again just my camera phone I’m afraid):





photo_9 photo_14

I also had the chance to walk around the permanent collection at the Courtauld and see one of my favorite artist’s work.  I danced when I was was younger and still love attending the ballet, Degas will always have a special place in my heart:


I wish you all a peaceful holiday season, full of love and fun with friends and family. Here’s to 2015!

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  2. Alexa Jean says:

    For more information about Egon Schiele check out artsy.net


  3. Wow, those photos by Guy Bourdin are really creative. Wish we lived closer to city galleries. I go to life drawing classes, so have always been impressed by Egon Schiele’s figure drawings. Most of our models are definitely not skinny…


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