new year new you? actually no

I will not be undergoing any dramatic transformations in 2015.  Perhaps I feel like this because I’ve recently made some huge life changing decisions anyway, so the fresh beginnings of a new year hold less allure, but then I’ve never been big on resolutions.  I’m refusing to fool people (and myself) that I will undertake any exercise which up until this point I have avoided (I’m LAZY), I continue to devour chocolate and I know I’m not going to go ‘dry’.  I have never understood why in January of all months, when the days are still short and dark and cold and there is no end in sight, no reprieve like Christmas, you would want to opt out of fun nights at the pub, or boozy Sunday lunches.  I digress…

I skipped blogging a nostalgic look back at 2014 partly because I don’t feel like I’m at the end of anything; I’m smack in the middle of making life changes.  I want more freelance work, far more time with my camera and just generally a bit more focus and energy to complete personal projects but these aren’t resolutions – just simply a continuation of what I’ve been trying to achieve for the past twelve to eighteen months.  It’s not that I’m against resolutions, on the contrary I think it’s admirable of people to take stock of their life and decide to make improvements at any point in the year; but I’m not interested in joining a gym I’m not going to attend beyond Spring, I quit smoking years ago and I don’t drink nearly as much as my younger self (the joys of the post 30 hangover).  So I guess it depends upon the type of resolution.  I can have goals for the year, a positive drive to expand my creativity and use the gorgeous inspirational work I’ve seen.  I can express my desire to produce photographs I’m proud of.  I can voice how gorgeous it would be to return to India this year or to travel to and explore somewhere new.  


A number of issues remain which I guess is the truth.  I must be brave and stop delaying.

Definition of unresolved in English:


1(Of a problem, question, or dispute) not resolved:a number of issues remain unresolved

for blog3

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2 Responses to new year new you? actually no

  1. Hi Alexa, go for it in 2015…..and make it a spectacular year for photography.
    Hope you get to India…..I hope I can get to India as well…..November seems a possibility, though it should be the north this time.


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