polaroid fail

Yesterday I decided to experiment with my polaroid camera but somewhere during the process something went wrong.  All I achieved was a pile of totally over exposed white outs.  I have no idea what happened  – the film was stored in the refrigerator as recommended and the last time I used the camera it was fine.  Now I’m not sure whether to pursue the polaroid and try again with another expensive film. 


This is what the shot should have looked like but without the vintage effect of the polaroid it just isn’t what I was hoping for:

final shot

At least I set up a shot and took some photos which is positive.  I’ll just have to keep trying!

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1 Response to polaroid fail

  1. thewildrose says:

    ahhh I feel for you. I got a holga and completely overrestimated the aperture. Had some complete black out photos when I went to get them printed.. # filmfail 😛


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