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I’ve been thinking for a while about updating the photo that is my online presence.  I’d like to change the black and white shot of me taking a photo and replace it with something more creative.  I started by thinking about what I wanted to include in the shot and how would it represent me.  I decided I’d like to include some of the gorgeous books I’ve treated myself to over the past few years, at all the wonderful art exhibitions I’ve been to.  I thought this would be a good representation, especially for this blog as most of these books are from visits during my self-exploration; they have served to inspire me and I’ve coveted them enough to make a purchase!  It also gave me the opportunity to look through some of them again, to remind myself of some of the beautiful art I’ve been lucky to see.

I wanted to include some items that are very special to me so my childhood copy of The Little Prince is in amongst the pile, as is the cork from the delicious champers my little bro bought me for my 30th birthday.  Of course there is also my very first camera; a Pentax Spotmatic F.  I adore this camera and still take it out on occasion and love working with film.

So here is the shot:


I’ve also created a black and white version, just as a comparison:


I have no idea how this will work online as Twitter and Instagram all require a very cropped image, and even my Gmail has a circular version, but I wanted to try something different.  

Perhaps I’ll have to change it back?!  But for now, this is me.

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