building and creating

I am attempting to build myself a website, a space to showcase my work in a more professional way than the images on here. This has been challenging not only because I have no idea what I’m doing but also because it has meant trawling through hundreds of photos and thinking about which projects to include, which images make the cut and the different aspects of what I now do and how to include everything. It seems the answer is a website which will showcase my photography, my styling and my art direction. Categories. Something I can add to with future projects (assuming I am proactive enough to be creative).  

It is rewarding watching the space progress but I’ve reached the point where I need to ask a few friends with knowhow for advice. The presentation isn’t quite what I want, how do I make it so? Are the limitations imposed from the theme and provider I’ve chosen? Should I have continued with more research before deciding to stick with WordPress? The doubts creep in….

So watch this space! I intend to keep posting on here; working through thoughts and issues as always.  I also have a few photo walks planned which I can then share with you.

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